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Responsible Drinking

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Nov 2016


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City-life is difficult. We work too hard, or don’t work at all. We eat too much, or don’t eat at all. We have way too many friends or we are a drunken ball of loneliness walking towards home. When it comes to adjusting to a bunch of friends or colleagues who are young and reckless and love to party, one must always be careful of one’s behavior and aware of every decision. It is a matter of concern for everyone, especially young women. Unfortunate as it sounds, it is a fact that women are most prone to be put in unpleasant situations by strangers, acquaintances, colleagues and even close friends.

It is never about the way women dress or the things they talk about that exposes their vulnerabilities, but the situations they are in when they’re out drinking that makes them face trouble. Not many women move around singular, drive their own cars or live in their own houses. Here are some things that might help women find their way to a night of responsible drinking, dance and frolic!

  1. Know your limit!

It is true that men process alcohol faster than women. This puts women at the risk of getting ‘more drunk’ than men on the same amount of alcohol at the same time. The best thing to do for women who like to drink is to become aware of their bodily response to alcohol and then adjust dozes and habits according to what and how much as you like. You never want to stumble, worse fall, feel dizzy or throw up. Try to figure out what you like, how you feel about beers, wine or vodka – and what you should be drinking for the evening. Vodka & tequila are generally served at dance parties and wine is perfect for a romantic evening. Becoming aware is the first step towards responsible drinking.

  1. Eat before and while you drink!

We know you want to watch that waist-line, but if you’re a drinker, you have to be ready to have some love handles! Weight-gain is a despicable side-effect of drinking and rightly so, because one has to work hard at the gym and then have will-power and motivation to stop doing something enjoyable! The way out of this is to eat before you drink, and keep munching while you’re still drinking. Alcohol is directly picked up by the blood stream and having some food in your stomach slows the process of alcohol absorption.

  1. Drink for quality, not for quantity!

Women, this is of foremost importance! Quality of alcohol that you drink should never be exchanged for the amount you’re drinking. Having 2 drinks of good quality alcohol is always better than 8 drinks of an inexpensive brand that you’ve never tasted. Mostly because cheap quality liquor can make our bodies in unexpected ways – the buzz can hit you when you least expect it, and you could easily be in a situation you were never prepared for.

Keeping these three things would help you have pleasant evenings with laughter and relaxation. Always remember to drink responsibly, respect your body and soul in entirety, and always live to the fullest!

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