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Responsible Drinking

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Nov 2016


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Drinking alcohol is a game that comes with strict instructions and directions of use. It is never advisable to binge drink, be it just one type of drink or a concoction of many, drinking irresponsibly can cost lots of effort and time to recover. The primary function of alcohol is to relax the mind and loosen the body, making one feel uninhibited and happy. Different types of alcohol have different concentrations, and therefore, different potency. Some alcohol like whiskey and vodka are stronger than others like beer or champagne. Mixing these together can be dangerous and may land you in unexpected, or physically threatening situations.

Mixing types of alcohol is not dangerous, but not knowing how much of what you have consumed is a potential threat!

Yes, this is true! There is nothing wrong with mixing different types of drinks. The real problem begins when a person, excited and young, tries to experiment with whatever they find in sight. Beginners often start light, with some beers, wine coolers or cocktails. As the evening progresses, the bottles start to get emptied and they start to look for ways to drink more. They try to find more options, booze stores, family bars and friend’s homes just so they can get another drink and yet another one. This puts them at the risk of getting exposed to harsher drinks like gin or whiskey. A little bit of responsible tasting never hurt anyone, but nasty drinking can land you into trouble. Already drunk people end up drinking more and way too much of alcohol which may severely affect their bodies in the long run, or even be the cause of a medical emergency.

People who mix alcoholic drinks are always at the risk of excessive drinking and they sometimes become absolutely sloshed (in a dangerous, no-fun way) than those who count their glasses and drink responsibly. In simpler words, mixing drinks make you drink way more than you planned. However, eating snacks or munching on something while you drink always has a positive influence.

Mixing food with drinks is an evergreen, tried-and-tested habit that positively affects the way we drink. Alcohol is one of the very few substances (besides glucose and aspirin) that are directly picked up by the bloodstream. If there is no food in your stomach, alcohol is picked up faster and goes right up to the heart and the brain. Drinking on an empty stomach is bad, binging is worse and mixing drinks is the worst form of alcohol you can put yourself through.

In the unfortunate event of alcohol poisoning, the best thing to do is to go straight to the emergency room. Practised medical officers are trained at handling alcohol overdose or poisoning much faster and more effectively than a friend or family member. Always make a conscious effort to drink responsibly and try to get your friends and family to follow a healthier was of life!

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