Drinking and Driving

It could happen to anyone. Even to you. You go to a party, meet friends, laugh, and have a whale of a time. Then it is time to go back home. You stumble to your car, get behind the wheel. You tell yourself you are not drunk, just pleasantly high. After all, you have had just a few

Drinking And Driving Laws In India

Alcohol is great. It helps you relax, let go and feel lighter. Alcohol keeps the party going. And it can even keep lots of after parties going. The real problem starts when the party ends. And trust me, the problem is pretty big.
See what we’re talking about here is the desire to drive a car after the party’s over. Drunk driving is a reason for a lot of sorrow in this world. When someone drives under the influence of alcohol they not only endanger their own life, but also the lives of others.

Let’s get one thing as clear as possible. Drunk driving is the worse possible thing you can do. And if you need any more incentive to not do it, let’s also tell you that it is a crime, which can land you into a lot of trouble. And if you need even more incentive to not do it, here are the laws concerned with drinking and driving in India.

Legal Age of Drinking

In our country, the legal age of drinking varies from state to state. Some allow drinking at the age of 18, while it can go as high as 25 in states like Delhi, Haryana, etc. Hence, the first thing you should definitely adhere to is the legal drinking age in your state.

Legal Alcohol Limit

The legal limit for alcohol in your blood stream is 30mg for every 100ml of blood. This is analysed using a breath analyser, and if you are driving with more than the legal limit of alcohol in your blood you are said to be driving under the influence of alcohol, hence drunk driving.

Punishment for Drunk Driving

The section of the Indian Law that deals with the issue of driving drug is Section 185 of The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. This section classifies driving under the influence of alcohol a criminal offence in our country. The section also classifies drunk driving or driving under the influence of drugs under the same category. In case the offender is a first time offender the punishment is a six months jail term and/or a fine of up to rupees two thousand. Any subsequent offence can land the offender a jail term of up to three years and/or a fine of up to rupees three thousand.

Section 185, Motor Vehicles Act, 1988
Here’s what the section actually says.

Driving by a drunken person or by a person under the influence of drugs. Whoever, while driving, or attempting to drive, a motor vehicle:

(a) has, in his blood, alcohol exceeding 30 mg. per 100 ml. of blood detected in a test by a breath analyser, or

(b) is under this influence of a drug to such an extent as to be incapable of exercising proper control over the vehicle, shall be punishable for the first offence with imprisonment for a term which may extend to six months, or with fine which may extend to two thousand rupees, or with both; and for a second or subsequent offence, if committed within three years of the commission of the previous similar offence, with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years, or with fine which may extend to three thousand rupees, or with both. Explanation —For the purposes of this section, the drug or drugs specified by the Central Government in this behalf, by notification in the Official Gazette, shall be deemed to render a person incapable of exercising proper control over a motor vehicle.

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