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How To Not Get Drunk (Tips) | Drink Responsibly
Binge Drinking

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Jan 2017

How To Not Get Drunk (Tips)

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You just love to party. Or you enjoy the occasional relaxing drink with friends, or you’re new to the clubbing scene and want to make the most of it. Whatever the reason might be, alcohol is a very integral part of our social gatherings. And why not? It relaxes the mind and body, helps you let loose and enjoy the evening. Alcohol is great.

But what’s not so great about alcohol is when you just have too much of it and get out-of-control drunk. And that’s probably the reason you’re here reading this, in a hope to learn how to drink smart and responsibly and not get drunk.

And just to give you a lot of hope, there are a few handy tricks that you can keep in mind to avoid getting drunk. Read on,

Drinking with Responsibility

The first and most obvious solution is to drink responsibly. And there are more than a few things that you can do to maintain that you drink responsibly. You can keep control on your intake and drink only one alcoholic beverage in the hour. Sipping your drink slowly and trying to savour the taste instead of just downing it should be on your list if you want to drink responsibly.

Drinking for taste and not intoxication not only makes you seem incredibly mature for your age, but actually helps you in not getting drunk, and saving a few bucks in the process.

Drinking Water Between Drinks; Eating between drinks

The second proven method to prevent yourself from getting drunk is drinking water between and after drinks. Water helps in the absorption of alcohol and also helps to give you time between your beverage intake. By stopping drinking and taking the time to down some food will not only reduce your alcohol intake for the night but will slow down the time the drinks make up to your brain.

Do not mix drinks

The most amateur mistake that you can do is mixing all kinds of alcohol drinks and downing them in an instant. This is a very bad idea for two reasons. One, mixing drinks upsets the stomach which makes you feel nauseated and pukish. The second reason being that downing mixed drinks gets you intoxicated pretty fast. So avoiding this must be pretty high on your list.

Have Milk before you head out

Having a glass of milk before you go out into the night for adventure is a very good idea. Dairy lines the stomach which decreases its quality to absorb alcohol. What happens when you have a glass of milk before going out to drink protects you form getting too drunk way to fast.

Set a limit based on your tolerance

Setting a drinking limit for yourself for the night, either by limiting the amount of money you spend on alcohol, or by asking a trusted friend to help you keep track is also a great idea. This can only happen if you’re truthful to yourself and know your ability to tolerate alcohol. This will not only help you in not getting drunk, but by setting a spending limit you can also take the more mature step of saving money.

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