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Alcohol and a Good Night’s Sleep Don’t Mix | Drink Responsibly

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Jan 2017

Alcohol and a Good Night’s Sleep Don’t Mix

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Let’s just say that you love going out and partying. And let’s even say that you are young and carefree. And because you are young, carefree and love going out and partying, then drinking might be on your list of ideas to have a good night out. So, you go out, you drink and you party. Good enough, you only live once after all.

But the real trouble starts once you return home after a night out partying. You might not have had too much to drink, but you do regret taking those last couple of shots. You feel uneasy, even nauseated, but trust me my friend, this is just the beginning of your troubles.

There is a reason why people advice you a lot about smart drinking. Because if you want to have a good night’s sleep after a relaxing drink, then rest assured and make a note because alcohol and a good night’s sleep can never mix.

What Actually Goes Down, Stays Down

Alcohol has a relaxing effect on your body, it effects areas of your brain that in simple terms light up the mood. But while it surely does light up the mood, it does a lot of different things to your body. But the scientific aspects of alcohol aside, there are some things you should keep in mind while you are out drinking if you even want to have any sleep after you get home.

Age Is Not Just a Number!

Maybe you could binge drink while you were 21 and not have a worry in the world the next morning, but you’re not that young anymore, your body is going through changes with age, and that is why you are much more prone to deadly hangovers the next morning. You might even black out once you return home if you have had too much to drink.

The only way to avoid disasters after a heavy night of drinking is simply being smart while you actually are consuming alcohol.

Where It All Goes South

The most amateur of mistakes can range from either drinking too much of alcohol, not having enough break between drinks, mixing up drinks, etc. All these are things that you definitely need to avoid for the better health and peace for your body.

Mixing up your drinks might get you drunk faster, but it might also upset your stomach which gives an uneasy and pukish feeling all night long, something which will definitely upset your sleep.

Another reason why alcohol interferes with your sleep is because believe it or not, alcohol gets your core body temperature down. And if you happen to be living in the colder parts of the world, you are definitely going to have trouble sleeping. You can also play smart while drinking alcohol by giving enough time between your drinks. Half an hour of gap between drinks is the ideal time, since it gives your body enough time to process your alcohol, and gives you more time to keep a track of your drinks.

What you should not have the need to be told though, is to never drive once you are under the influence of alcohol, because that will not only interfere with your good night’s sleep, but is the most dangerous thing to do.

So, briefly you’ve been told the reasons why alcohol and a good night’s sleep do not go hand in hand. Hope you take some knowledge out of this, and apply it for the sound sleep you crave.

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