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How Drinking Affects You Emotionally? | Drink Responsibly

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Mar 2017

How Drinking Affects You Emotionally?

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The most shared and prevalent forms of addiction in society today remains to be Alcoholism. While working professionals resort to drinking alcohol with friends or family over weekends or during festive occasions and even celebrations, there are those who find solace in drinking alone. However, some veterans are passionate about their alcohol, especially when it comes to scotch whisky or wine.

Addiction of alcohol altogether takes a different, more monstrous form where capable individuals start to lose themselves in their desire to drink in excess. The effect is not just harmful to the person addicted but also largely takes down other people attached to him/her, including those who care. These are your friends, family members and colleagues.

Heavy Drinking Causes Depression

While there are people who love their shot of a smooth single malt whisky after dinner time, certain individuals also turn to consuming alcohol as a result of stress or depression. Alcohol primarily acts as a central nervous system depressant. While it gives you a quick gain of euphoria, it is soon lost when the alcohol takes further effects. Critical addiction to alcohol gives rise to a mixed feeling of guilt and shrouded judgment both emotional and mental.

Eventual Loss Of Memory

Chronic alcoholism eventually results in the destruction of brain cells, circuits firing in all wrong sequences or direction, and broken synapses. Even when you achieve sobriety, the effects last. Alcohol causes massive dehydration in the body that works in denigrating brain functions. The effects of which could range from the shorter span of memory slips to permanent debilitation that will require external supervision or care. Studies done in the past have extensively shown how significantly the brain shrinks to cause permanent memory loss. The effects were seen in the frontal lobe associated with memory and learning.

Drinking Increases Anxiety

Grabbing for a glass of wine might prove to be a relaxed after a hard day’s work. Excessively indulging in bottles will cause inhibitions and anxiety in the longer run. Heavy drinking is known to interfere with neurotransmitters that exist in our brain. The neurotransmitters are very much responsible for good health. You might ignore the effects, but alcohol narrows our perception to a great extent causing blurring interpretations.

Consumption Of Alcohol: Linked To Self-Harm And Psychosis

Impulsive behaviour is the direct result of alcohol consumption as one loses track of their adjudications and ambitions. The lack of self-control can often lead to harming oneself. In certain cases, if there has been long term depression, cases of suicide have been reported after over drinking.

Therapy Can Significantly Help, So Does The Support Of Close-Knit Members

The poignant effects of alcohol take root from the very first steps of craving, bringing together financial, emotional and mental downfall. This vicious cycle of alcohol habit comes when an addict wishes to run away from real-life problems resorting to the momentary “high” that comes with drinking. Even if the affected individual decides to quit, there are adverse effects of withdrawal symptoms which further affect emotive balance. Rather than trying to beat addiction on their own, addicts should accept the truth and enrol themselves to a rehab or care centre.

It is important that people today understand the mental misbalances that come with alcohol and therefore not alienate someone who has gotten addicted. There are chances it could happen to someone very close to you. In a world where competition, hatred, judgement and unacceptance are regularly spawned, it becomes easy for the strongest people to resort to addictions. Do not resist them, understand their reason, give them reasons not to give into dependence and rather fight harder to overcome.

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