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Mar 2017

Drinking For The Wrong Reasons On V-Day

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Imbibing to drinking alcohol is an excuse as well as the reason most couples look forward to on Valentine’s Day. It is no oddity to think that the V-day is the perfect occasion to drink a little wine and add a bit to the romance. Maximum percentage of couples around the world will go for alcohol on V-day. Here’s a list of reasons, on the contrary, of why you may want to skip the booze this year on Valentine’s:

6 Unabashed reasons you should not choose to mix love and drinking on V-day:

  1. Don’t Lose control of yourself:

Boozing brings this irrelevant quality to even the shyest of beings: saying things they might regret later! Are you out there to ruin a lovely evening you have planned for days or even months? Well, dates are all about making a good impression, one that shall last. How about skipping the alcohol to remain in control of yourself, both tongue and body language, so you don’t wreck the night for your particular person and end up spoiling the night for someone you genuinely care.

  1. Impaired Judgement.

The need to loosen up is often your choice for drinking. While, alcohol in limits causes no harm, but in the moment of cheer, we often go overboard. Alcohol helps you lower your guard down. However, it could also result in making some very silly decisions. Like choosing to drive when intoxicated. You will be putting not just your life at risk but those you care for as well. 

  1. Oh! My life is full of stress & mundane.

On Valentine’s day, few people might have to work their shifts, or worse do not find dates. If you are that someone and maybe goes out with friends, do not get drunk to go ask out someone single you might find. Do it without any influence of the booze, build some courage and get out of your comfort zone. While maybe your colleagues might be with their planned dates or girlfriends/wives, you might find the love of your life!

  1. Let your feelings be real!

Misunderstanding your feelings is entirely possible with intoxication. An extension of impaired judgement, alcohol sets your guard to lose. Once you loosen yourself, the result is over-indulgence and more expression than required. So try not giving the impression of more or less than what your feelings might truly be. Let your date know how exactly and at what stage do you feel on a special night.

  1. Waking up to a “blank-slate” state!

Well, with alcohol there is fun, and then there “just too much fun” to the point of a partial memory loss. Even if it might come back to you on the weirdest of moments, you do not wish to forget an entire evening. Much like an evening dedicated to Valentine’s day. You will want to remember those special moments. A little smile, some tease and much laughter. Most importantly, drunk is when you will probably make a total fool of yourself. Who knows, even completely turn off your so-called “future knight in shining armour” or the “very lady of your dreams”!

  1. Alcohol pushes your budget.

Valentine’s day comes with many expectations. It could happen that you are on a tight budget, don’t blow it all on alcohol. Your date will understand your limitations, we all experience those pinching days of no money. If the person does not understand, then consider it a good riddance for yourself. Valentine’s day is about the connection, love, feeling of a first crush and the real feelings you share with someone (family & friends count too!) you care. Never the extravaganza, gifts or money!

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