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Drinking Etiquettes | Drink Responsibly

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Mar 2017

Drinking Etiquettes

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While drinking can be fun, it is worthwhile knowing that it is not an unrestrained activity-rather should not be. There are certain drinking etiquettes that one should follow while drinking in a company of people, at a public place. Sitting alone, in one’s private space is perhaps the only time you could let it go. But for most of us, drinking is a collective activity—catching up with friends, night out with partner or a more formal business meeting.

Here are a few drinking etiquettes you should stick to at all times. Have a look:

  1. Find the right place: Drinking can serve different purpose for different people. If you want to have a serious conversation with your friend or your business partner, you should stay away from a crowded bar (brimming with energy) on a Friday evening. Something more mature might be the place for you. Likewise, if you have fun, dance and get wasted don’t go to a five-star hotel with a posh bar with a different crowd. You will clearly be the misfit.
  2. Don’t act like a child: Stealing garnishes from your drinks shows poorly. They are behind the bar for a reason. You can politely ask the bartender for another helping. That would indeed be appreciated rather than sneaking to the counter and barging your way in.
  3. Be sure what you want: Don’t go all blank or too cool while ordering. It just leaves scope for conflict later. You can ask questions (not too many, of course) about your drinks but know it before you order. This way, you and the bartender both are on same page. Happy hours, for both (not literally).
  4. Don’t pass out in a bar: Compulsive drinkers alert: please don’t pass out in the bar. It is a pain for the bar managers. Likewise, don’t act like an addict—don’t insist on ordering “one last drink” multiple times. All bars have time restrictions and you should abide by that.
  5. Mind your manners: Snapping your fingers, whistling to the bartender or being unnecessarily rude are all clear signs that show bad manners. These will straightaway mark you as rude, ill-mannered, and pompous and the likes. What is worst? You might be ignored purposely by the bartender. So, in the best interest of your planned evening, we suggest you to be polite and mindful.
  6. Don’t take ages to order: You have called the bartender and you are with a group of friends—does it mean you will take forever to order, making him/her wait till posterity? Certainly not. That is not what drinking etiquettes say. You must have all the order perfectly sorted before you call the bartender. This saves time and leaves a good impression. Not much work, is it?
  7. Be generous in tipping: By the rule of thumb, you should shell out 15-20% of the bill. More, if you want to become a regular customer and avail premium service. Acting miserly in a bar is not a good sign to say the least.
  8. Interacting with others: Bars are social places but that doesn’t mean you have the liberty to force yourself on others. Small talk is good but don’t push yourself on someone if they are unwelcoming. This holds true particularly if you are interacting with the opposite gender.
  9. Steer clear of arguments: Any dispute or confusion can be sorted out quietly. Raising your voice is not the solution. It is like a chink in the armour and grabs unnecessary attention.
  10. Don’t gulp it down at once: Take sips, make conversation, and enjoy the time!

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