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Why Your Child is Drinking? | Drink Responsibly

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Apr 2017

Why Your Child is Drinking?

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Youngsters are predictably at a higher risk of getting into the habit of drinking for numerous reasons, the most extrusive of them being the following:


Youngsters in their adolescence are captivated by the idea of taking risk and are drawn towards the concept of uncertainty, although their assessment of risk is far from being accurate. Teenagers are tackling with a couple of developments to the brain during adolescence.

  • Adolescence switches on ability with regards to compelling feelings, spontaneity and a requirement for sensation. It’s the reason they’ll go out on a limb regardless of any factor and even when they ‘know better’. Learning about smoking or drinking may not stop them from attempting because the sensation-seeking portion of their mind overwhelms sense.
  • The advancement of the reasoning part of the brain that evaluates dangers, prepares, sees outcomes and administers self-discipline is not completely created until 16 or 17 years of age and afterwards it requires improvement and tweaking till their 20’s. That is the reason they require adults to help them until they develop into their capacity to be sensible.

The probability of youngsters drinking liquor consistently accelerates with age. In the most recent national survey it has been found out that the extent of undergraduates who had been intoxicated in most of the recent week were generally low among 11 to 13 year olds (from 1% of 11 year olds to 4% of 13 year olds), however elevated largely from there on: 11% of 14 year olds and 22% of 15 year olds.

They Repeat The Habits Of Adults

As kids a large number of the toys they played with were things that emulated from what they saw their mum and father do – shopping, cooking or cleaning, feeding dolls or repairing cars. As they grow older, they observe when their parents are back from work that they often reach out for a bottle of alcohol and sit with a glass of drink. The kids then start believing that liquor is by one means or another, an important part of life. It’s vital to understand that children don’t do what you say, they do what you do.

They See Other People

Young kids are influenced by watching people around them ingesting various substances. They see their parents and other grown-ups drinking liquor, smoking cigarettes and every now and then trying out contraband substances. Similarly, an adolescent’s social scene frequently orbits around drinking and smoking. Once in a while companions ask each other to have a drink, yet its similarly as normal for undergraduates to begin attempting drinking since it’s promptly accessible and they see every one of their companions enjoying it. In their psyches, they see alcohol consumption as a part of teenage life.

The Influence Of Media

Forty-five percent of undergraduates concur with the fact that: The music that teenagers hear makes them believe drinking is cool. And 45 percent of adolescents concur with the statement that “Movies and TV shows show alcohol consumption making it appear normal”.

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