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How Supportive Parenting Can Prevent Underage Drinking | Drink Responsibly

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Apr 2017

How Supportive Parenting Can Prevent Underage Drinking

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Parenting styles may impact whether their kids pursue their recommendation with respect to drinking liquor. Each parent is one of a kind;however, the approach each parent takes to connect with his or her youngsters can be different. Most parents show an authoritarian personality and exercise control and discipline with hardly any room for warmth and understanding, this form f parenting would never be able to help a child. The other type of parents are lenient and extremely tolerant, which in return is equally bad because these type of parents tend to let go of every fault of the child in return encourages them to do what they deem fit.

Grown-ups play an essential part in prohibiting kids from drinking.There has been research which shows that guardians who believe in setting up an affectionate and supportive surrounding for their kids will curtail the risk or chance of their children being exposed to drinking at a young age. Parents may also practice a habit to educate their children about alcohol prevention and create an open environment for them where they can feel comfortable to discuss any issues regarding alcohol consumption and prevention.

Guardians have an influence on when their youngsters start drinking and additionally how they drink. Family strategies about adolescent drinking at home and the way guardians themselves drink are critical. For example, if a parent decides to constantly drink he/she should demonstrate healthy alcohol consumption in front of their children. Guardians can do the following things to minimize or prevent their adolescent from drinking.

  • Parents should practice the habit of talking in appropriate ways with their adolescent about alcohol consumption. Youngsters who are aware of their parent’sopinion in regards to them drinking alcohol are expected to be more disciplines in regards to alcohol consumption.
  • Parents should formulate an approach very early and should consistently set expectations and enforce rules.
  • It is pivotal to be a part of an adolescent’s life; a parent should communicate with other parents to know about the whereabouts of their youngsters and what activities they are involved in to ensure they are safe and are not indulging in alcohol consumption.
  • Guardians should take initiatives and promote awareness regarding underage alcohol consumption in the community one lives in.

During the adolescent years children tend to be inclined toward rebelling and resisting, in such an environment they tend to go out of their way to disobey their parents and get into habits of underage drinking. It is critical to maintain an open and respectful communication between the adolescent and the adults, where the adults can explain the boundaries and expectations and alter their children’s decisions during their adolescent years. This would shape a child and would determine how the kids would grow up to be and how they would drink. It is vital for a parent to understand why the adolescent drinks, what effect it has on their brain and body, the difficulties of addiction. Hence parents should become a positive role model for their youngsters and guide them in the right direction.

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