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Ill Effects of Fake Alcohol | Drink Responsibly

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May 2017

Ill Effects of Fake Alcohol

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Counterfeit alcohol has taken the drinking industry by storm and its easy availability in the market is enough to ring alarming bells. What is more concerning is the fact that consumers have little knowledge of counterfeit alcohol and not many can mark the difference between original and fake alcohol.

The cheap price of fake alcohol is another reason for its increasing popularity but very few people are aware of its hazardous effects. Made from cheap ingredients, fake alcohol is bound to have adverse effects on health. Hence, if you are consuming fake alcohol, then you should refrain from it.

Here we discuss in detail about the fake alcohol and its adverse effects on human health.

What is fake alcohol?

Original alcohol is produced through distilleries which are licensed under the government. However, there are few producers are alcohol who do not have the license. Such, alcohol which is produced through unlicensed distilleries is often known as fake alcohol. As no standard procedure is followed during production of such alcohol, it is unfit for drinking and is also highly dangerous.

Other signs for identifying counterfeit alcohol include fake brand names, low prices and crooked labels. some types of counterfeit alcohol have smell of nail varnish.

Ill effects of Fake Alcohol

Fake alcohol has several negative repercussions. From short term to long term there are several effects of such alcohol which can lead to severe health issues.

Short term ill effects of counterfeit alcohol

One of the key elements in alcohol is ethanol and as ethanol is not cheap; producers of fake alcohol use alternatives for ethanol which include easily available ingredients like automobile wash screen, cleaning fluids and nail polish.

All these ingredients are not suitable for human consumption and are known to cause short term effects like vomiting and nausea. In some cases, these ingredients cause drowsiness as well as dizziness. It can also lead to abdominal pain.

Although effects like dizziness occur after drinking original alcohol as well, in cases of fake alcohol these effects can be experienced more quickly and may be after few moments of consuming the drink.

Long term effects of Fake alcohol-

  • Effects of chloroform – To make alcohol look authentic, producers of fake alcohol add chloroform to it which is highly dangerous for human health. If consumed in mild proportion, chloroform can cause momentary black out and if taken in large quantity can lead to adverse effects like coma. Chanced of death are also possible.
  • Effects of ethyl acetate- Ethyl acetate is mostly used in glues and cigarettes but due to its cheap price, it is heavily used in counterfeit alcohol. This ingredient directly affects various organs of the body and based on the frequency of its dose can also cause permanent organ failure.
  • Effects of Methanol- Used as an alternative for ethanol, methanol is a very dangerous ingredient. It leads to permeant blindness and causes several other troubles when consumed in mind proportion. If the dosage is heavy, then the person may also die as methanol results in failure of various body functions.

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