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Do’s and Don’ts While Drinking With Your Colleagues | Drink Responsibly

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May 2017

Do’s and Don’ts While Drinking With Your Colleagues

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The topic of drinking with office colleagues is a highly sensitive one and what makes it even more complicating is that it comes with no set rules. The boundaries are blurred and it actually depends from person to person whether they are cool with drinking with their colleagues or not.

It is seen that a drink with co-workers or boss once a while helps people in climbing social ladder at office and it also works as an effective option for knowing co-workers in a better way. So, if you are planning to go for a drink with your colleagues then here are few do’s and don’ts that will help you in staying within the limits and still enjoy your time.


  • Eat something- While drinking with your co-workers ensure that you have something to eat because drinking on an empty stomach increases the impact of alcohol and you might get knocked out quite early.
  • Carry money- Before saying yes to a drink with your office mates, check your wallet. Ensure that you have adequate amount of money for drink, as well as for something to eat and also for hiring a cab. There are chances that the bill might be taken care of by your company or your boss might bear the expenses. However, there is no harm in carrying cash or a card with you as it is better to have money than to get embarrassed in front of people whom you have to face every day.
  • Stay within your limit- This point is easier said than done. Most people know their limits but the trouble is to still know the limits after you have gulped a couple of drinks. Always remember that while drinking with colleagues, stakes are always high and hence you cannot get away from your mistakes. So, as they say precaution is better than cure, watch out for the drinks you are having and check your behaviour.


  • Don’t talk about office or individuals working inside the office –This is a golden rule while drinking with colleagues. You may start with good things but after a few drinks no one accurately knows what they are saying or hearing. This can lead to catastrophic results and the next day you might wake up, with a long list of people to apologize. Instead, talk about general stuff and sundry activities and keep the tone of your conversation casual.
  • Don’t follow your boss- Who doesn’t like to impress their boss? And the easiest way to create an impression is to follow everything the boss does. However, this strategy might get you in trouble if you follow it during drinking with your boss. Drinking is highly subjective and effects of a specific drink differ from person to person. Hence, some choices might be good for your boss but they may not be good for you. So, order according to what suits you and not according to what your boss wishes.
  • Don’ttry to hit on anyone- Office affairs mostly end up on nasty note and in the long term they serve nothing good to anybody. During office time it is easy to maintain the distance, but with few drinks, it is not easy to stay in control. So, if there is someone whom you consider irresistible, then the best way is to avoid them and keep safe distance.

 The above mentioned points are in fact guidelines and as mentioned earlier it all depends on the individual. So, maintain the line and you will have a great time drinking with your colleagues.

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