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Things to Remember when Buying Alcohol | Drink Responsibly

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May 2017

Things to Remember when Buying Alcohol

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The consumption of alcohol at social gatherings or individual parties has become more than a fashion and actually a symbol of status. Be it a bottle of expensive wine or be it canned beer – alcohol is what keeps a party going. Apart from parties, many people come up with the cause of stress reduction or loneliness in order to create the need of liquor consumption. The multi-billion dollar industry of alcoholic beverage has observed a growth in consumption of alcohol over time. The immediate effect of alcohol is caused by the anxiolytic properties of it and what people fall in love with is the temporary illusion. But there are a few things that must be remembered while alcohol is bought and they are as follows:

Proof of Age: According to the law constituted in different states, alcohol can’t be sold to the individuals who are not 21 years old yet. While you’re heading out to buy alcohol, it is wise that you carry ID proof with yourself so that you can show it in case of being asked about your age. Compliance to the law ensures the control over the drug being sold to minors. When you carry ID proof, you need to make sure that it is a valid one. Some of the ID proofs that you can carry with you are driver license, ID card issued by the state, so on and so forth. The retailer may refuse to sell alcohol to you in case you are not able to produce the valid ID proof.

What To Buy: Before you decide what to buy, you must promise to yourself that you will buy as much as you can handle. If you are fond of beer, it will be mandatory for you to decide whether you want to buy bottled ones or the canned ones. If your favorite brand is not available in the shop, you may end up trying a different brand which you may start liking afterwards. So, it is always suggested that keep your eyes open!

Amount To Buy: Making up the mind regarding the quantity you want to buy is really a major decision. Depending on the amount to buy, you could actually plan your evening and budget as well. Careful planning is highly recommended as the amount to buy should always be equivalent to amount that you can consume. Buying more alcohol tends to make you think that you can drink more which certainly comes with consequences. So, plan beforehand about how much do you really need. Quality is the ultimate king, not the quantity!

Visibly Intoxicated: It is never recommended that visit an alcohol store when you are visibly intoxicated. A visibly intoxicated person will show signs inclusive of but not limited to bloodshot eyes, swaying, clumsiness, drowsy look, so on and so forth. If you are recognized to intoxicated by the seller, you might be prevented from buying alcohol and actually refused.

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