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How To Make Students Living In Hostels Aware About Ill Effects Of Alcohol? | Drink Responsibly
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Jun 2017

How To Make Students Living In Hostels Aware About Ill Effects Of Alcohol?

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Why Do Students Living In Hostels Consume Alcohol

It’s been a trend nowadays to drink and smoke, especially amongst the teenagers.They believe that by consuming alcohol or smoking(knowing very well how it can lead to the deterioration of one’s body and ultimately a painful death), they become a part of the so called modern and ‘cool’society. This is one of the main reasons why students take up to this.

Another common aspect can be while these students are presumed to be healthy; they are in a phase of life where various social, physical, psychological and behavioural changes or family problem shave a deep impact on their physical and mental health. Most of the students are not able to handle this pressure and hence indulge in such activities to relieve themselves from the actual reality. Before even realizing,it becomes their habit after a certain period. Often it has been observed that students are forced to consume it by their seniors while bullying them.All these situations are just worse for students who reside in hostels as there is usually nobody to have a real check on them, nobody to watch their actions. They get into the wrong path in no time and once this habit becomes more prominent it opens various ways to other addictions like smoking and drugs.

How To Spread Awareness

  • First of all, it is mandatory to have a check on all of these habits at the very nascent stage itself. A warm and comforting environment should be created in the hostel premises, wardens being friendlier and cooperative in order to help students to open up without any hesitation.
  • Regular interactive counselling sessions and workshops in the hostels can also prove to be beneficial, where in certain problems related to addiction are discussed openly (about how it can ruin a child’s perspicacity, his/her entire career and future and how tender and highly influential this age is).
  • Putting up posters and sharing brochures wherever possible indicating the devastation and ill effects of alcohol, making them watch certain series and videos in which the worst side of addiction is depicted.
  • Students should be encouraged to volunteer in addiction recovery workshops and programs of alcohol awareness as they’ll learn a lot from all those senior people who are also fighting for the same cause while they pledge and take commitments to stay away from it.
  • There should be various creative and attractive extra curricular activities in the hostel premises itself which can help divert the attention of students so as to prevent them from thinking about this even as an option.

This would keep the students busy; at the same time helping them to learn something new and polish their talents which in turn is going to help in their overall growth and personality development.

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