Drinking and Driving

It could happen to anyone. Even to you. You go to a party, meet friends, laugh, and have a whale of a time. Then it is time to go back home. You stumble to your car, get behind the wheel. You tell yourself you are not drunk, just pleasantly high. After all, you have had just a few

Drunk Driving Myth-Busters

There is one and only one truth you need to remember if you drive drunk: you are putting yours and well as other people’s life at risk. Irrespective of your age, gender, number of years of driving experience or “permissible” limit of drinks, drunk driving is not justified or excusable. Misguided by common myths and beliefs, we sometimes end up making an error injudgment and indulge in this life threatening activity. Let us learn the truth behind some common drunk driving myths:

Tricking The Alcohol Breath Analyzer Test: It is commonly believed that by eating onions, drinking mouth wash, chewing breath mints etc., you can beat the Breath Analyzer Test. Some will even swear by tricks like placing a penny in the mouth. However, repeated experiments show that these tricks do not work. It is advisable to not drink and drive instead of getting caught up in a situation which needs you to employ these fruitless tricks.

You Will Be Let Off The Hook Easy: As much as we would like to believe it, there is no easy way out if you caught driving under the influence. According to the general law, drunk driving is a punishable offence with penalties as high fines of upto Rs. 10,000 and imprisonment from 6 months to 4 years. With these laws getting stricter by the day, a smart choice would be to avoid driving while drunk instead of trying to cheat the system. 

You Can Handle Your Drinks: As much as we all like to trust our drinking capacity and excellent driving skills, being intoxicatedclouds our judgment and driving skills. According to survey statistics, over 70% of road accidents are because of drunk drivers, resulting in number of fatalities and serious injuries reaching lakhs. By choosing not to drive under the influence, you are making a safe choice not just for yourself but also making Indian roads a little less dangerous for everyone else too.

A Couple Of Drinks Will Not Affect You: The permissible Blood Alcohol Content limit is 0.03% or 30mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood. While an average male can probably stay within this limit with 2 pints of beer, a smarter choice is to avoid risk and not drive if you have been drinking.

Quick Steps To Sober Up: Most of the commonly believed myths to sober up quickly, like drinking black coffee, dunking your head in cold water, or slapping your face etc., have been proven wrong time and again. Not only is it foolish to depend on such techniques, the unavoidable failure of these steps to sober you can lead to fatal results if you drive under the influence of alcohol. Our body takes about an hour to process 30 ml of alcohol. Therefore, to be able to drive without a clouded judgment, you should wait for at least 90 minutes after just 1 pint of beer. There are no shortcuts to quicken this process.

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