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How To Prevent People From Taking Advantage Of You When Drunk? | Drink Responsibly
Responsible Drinking

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Jul 2017

How To Prevent People From Taking Advantage Of You When Drunk?

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Drinking Has Become a Normality For Many

Nowadays it has become a common trend to drink, whether they are teenagers or even responsible young adults who are well aware of its ill effects; be it in bars, clubs or in some night out with friends. Sometimes getting someone sober and stop drinking alcohol is hard because they are emotionally attached to that substance.Drinking heavily itself poses certain health problems in the long run but in addition to it comes various others problems. A drunken person is not able to carry himself properly; his body becomes unconscious and does involuntary actions. Many people get hangovers the next morning where they don’t even remember their past deed. This paves ways to various crimes like robbery and sexual assaults (in case of women). Getting drunk is usually not safe for women even if they are with their acquaintances. So it becomes an important task to indulge in safe drinking where we are left with no regrets the next day.

Consumption of alcohol at some parties or events or night over with friends, acquaintances or family is not harmful but the main problem arises when we get totally drunk and become unable to even carry ourselves and monitor our actions. These problems obviously give ways to various harms to our own selves. So it becomes necessary to have a control over our drinking tendencies and to keep a check on our limit. It is equally important to balance fun along with the responsibility of oneself.

The Next Morning Stories

Drinking within limit can help reduce the risk of various harms that can be facade to us. Of course we don’t want to hear stories of all the deeds we did the next morning from our friends or some embarrassing moment at some family function. Even if one doesn’t know about his capacity while at a bar or club where nobody is present to take care of himself or perhaps when he is unable to control his urge to drink more, the most he can do is take shots after some intervals and eat lots of cheese, butter or meat to not get himself drunk easily. But it would be beneficial if one just sticks to the former as much as he can.

The Need to Find Out ‘Why’

The most important thing that one can do is to actually find out why is there a need to get drunk; occasional drinking is not THAT bad. We all know how alcohol can ruin our life, both physically and mentally. Some people consider it to be cool; some get a habit out of it. It becomes important to understand that it is our responsibility to take care of ourselves taking into consideration that we live in a cruel and selfish society which doesn’t even depart a chance to take advantage of one’s kindness. So it’s we and our control over certain things which can actually act as a redeemer.

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