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Why You Shouldn’t Drink in Front of Children? | Drink Responsibly

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Jul 2017

Why You Shouldn’t Drink in Front of Children?

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Every child’s psychological setup is determined by the exposure he/she gets during the formative years of their life. In every child’s life, the formative years are crucial as they mould and shape the traits that they carry throughout their life. The innocent and immature mind of the child picks up whatever he/she sees is going on in front of him/her. Therefore, it becomes important for the parents to carefully choose their action in front of their children.

Effect of drinking in front of children

The acceptance of alcohol consumption, in our society, has seen a steady rise. The society talks about being broad-minded and open. But at what cost? In the last decade, there has been a dramatic rise in the number of alcohol-related deaths.
Parents are the most influential people in a child’s life and their actions directly affect their children.
Thus, it is time to take a step back and analyse the consequences of your actions.

Impact on psychology and health

A child’s brain is immature and juvenile and does not have the absolute ability to distinguish between what is right or wrong for him/her. This leads to a mind-set where the child considers their parent’s actions to be sacrosanct. Therefore, when a parent drinks in front of the kids, the latter is ignorant of the essential harms that come with it. This action of the parent assumes an “unsaid” legitimacy in the eyes of the innocent child. Later, the children, without having proper knowledge of the harms, also feel that it is okay to indulge in such an activity because they have seen their parents doing so.

This might create a situation where the child also begins underage drinking and consequently lands up in great trouble. The body of a child is not adept to break down the complex alcohol molecules and hence cause serious health risks like liver damage and depletion of WBC’s. Furthermore, if proper parenting is not done then the risk of addiction looms large.

Possibility of induced violence      

Taking into consideration the fact that, alcohol is a toxic substance and heavy drinking can cause serious health issues, and cause certain behavioural changes, parents must ideally not indulge in drinking in front of their kids. Alcohol impairs the brain functions and clouds reasoning capacities. Sometimes, due to heavy drinking, parents might lose their self-control and behave in a way that is not appropriate for the kids. As discussed earlier, the kids pick up that very action and think it to be “normal”. Moreover, in an inebriated state one may become very violent. It can lead to unforeseen circumstances, none of which are good for the kids.

Proper communication required

It is well understood by now; that children are susceptible to the dangers of alcohol consumption. When proper dialogue is not established between the parent and the kid, the miscommunication leads to an uninformed mind prone to the dangers of addiction and other associated risks.
Therefore, it is pertinent to remember that before being “too open” in front of the kids, the parent must take into account the age of the kid and his/her capability to comprehend the actions. This must be followed by informing the kid about the do’s and don’ts of alcohol consumption.

After ascertaining these measures, if you deem it right to drink in front of your children, the safe limit of alcohol consumption must always keep in mind so that you are always in control of your action.

Remember, the future of your kid depends on your actions too!

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