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Responsible Drinking

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Aug 2017


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It’s often said that once a child comes into the lives of its creators, everything changes for the good, as if it were a blessing in disguise. Responsibilities do tend to bring about changes in the lives of the people connected to it, especially to a woman expecting her child, from eating a right healthy diet, changing basic drinking habits, to avoiding numerous things, just to be the perfect mother for her developing unborn.

Alcohol, caffeine lover? We’ve got it all covered!

Here, is a list of drinking alternatives for women expecting a child.

1. No Alcoholic beverages-

  • Alcohol consumption can lead to ‘Fetal Alcohol Syndrome’ (FAS). FAS has showcased strong links with central nervous system ailments and many psychological problems. Apart from this, it might also lead to uncalled for facial factures and some heart issues as well. Even limited exposure to alcohol in the womb can lead to growth deficits as well as intellectual and behavioural problems in the unborn baby.


 – Club Soda with Fruit Juice

Pomegranate juice can be a striking stand-in for red wine. Go for a fizzy and fruity non-alcoholic beverage for a refreshing and satisfying treat and to beat the alcoholic craving!

– Mocktails

Why mocktails you ask? Well, carbonation helps to settle down the stomach by getting rid of the uneasy feeling. One thing which will definitely work for you – Ginger Ale!

– Seltzer

Seltzer water is essentially water with added carbon dioxide, which makes it fizzy. The carbonation can make you feel full if you drink too much too quickly, but seltzer can help you stay hydrated and help you avoid water boredom.

– Mixed fruit juices, Vegetable juices

Spinach and mint; carrot and gooseberry or bottle gourd and carrot, these are wonderful combinations for juices. Having fresh juices as a daily activity is very good for health in general as it provides some much due hydration, which proves to be critical come summer season.

2. No Caffeine-

Excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy can lead to miscarriages or other health related issues in the foetus. It is better to exercise moderation here and limit intake.


– Decaf Tea

Switch to decaf tea sooner rather than later. It doesn’t matter if you want to intake it cold or hot, regular tea drinking can provide essential antioxidants to your body apart from keeping you constantly hydrated. Especially if you choose green tea, the number of health benefits is immense. Another noteworthy point is the fact that green tea contains caffeine as well; but not as much as coffee.

– Smoothies

You might recognize this as a popular Sunday treat in shops all around. However, often its merits are overlooked on account of taste. A smoothie is essentially fruit and milk blended together; which in its entirety bring a wide array of benefits. One proper glass of home made smoothie contains fibre, protein, calcium which are all essential elements for the human body. Opt for chickoo, banana, mango or any other fruit which you fancy.

Like its said, ‘OLD IS GOLD’, this saying becomes true for this situation too. Its best to stick to the basics even when your body is at cloud 9, craving for a beverage you must avoid.

– Choose Lemonade

This is one entry that needs no introduction. Famous since time immemorial when it comes to hydration and replenishment, lemonade should be a part of your daily diet with or without pregnancy. All you need is a small lemon, a glass of water and some sugar/salt according to your liking. One of the most refreshing beverages out there, it will definitely do you good if taken on a daily basis.

– Choose Coconut water

This is surely a wonder drink for pregnant woman. ‘Coconut water is loaded with micro minerals and helps to tackle fluctuating BP.

And finally,

– ChooseWater

Have at least two and half to three liters of water a day. This will keep you hydrated, help you deal with other pregnancy niggles, beat mood swings and keep your energies up too!


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