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Aug 2017

Maturity Matters – Not everyone can handle Liquor

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Just like everything else in life; even when it comes to liquor consumption, maturity matters. Say what? How can maturity be linked to drinking alcohol? Well, alcohol is not an everyday item which comes without a permissible limit. Its an occasional entity; if not taken with caution, can have multiple uncalled for after-effects.

Its not like other food/beverage items in the sense that it is not meant for everyone. Not every body type can get used to alcohol. There’s a reason why there’s a legal age limit. Our body is not accustomed to the intake of liquor up until a certain age.

Alcohol might not induce the death or damage of brain cells directly; but it certainly affects how brain cells interact or communicate with others. This way, solid decision making goes out of the picture and bad things happen.

The intake of alcohol is often dependent on a variety of factors:

  1. Sleep – Lack of sleep can get you drunk fairly quickly because your inhibitions aren’t tightly wound like always.
  2. Food – An empty stomach not only has the potential to intoxicate you quickly but also make your stomach upset as well; since there is no food (inside your stomach) which can absorb the alcohol rushing in.
  3. Capacity – If you’re used to doing 20 push-ups each day; vowing for 35 might come with some trouble isn’t it? Hope you get the gist.
  4. Company – The company you keep largely affects how well you’re settling in and having a ball. The closer the people; less conscious you are whilst drinking.
  5. Surroundings – Being in a crowded place with loud music pumping through your veins and strobe lighting all around often does the trick.
  6. Liquor Quality – The more you spend; the better the quality is. On the flipside, taking in cheap alcohol can cause serious damage.
  7. Body Type – If you’re heavyset, the probability of alcohol affecting you after a couple of pegs is different if you’re skinny.

Knowing that every individual has a different experience post intake; here’s what you can do to not end up flat on the floor:

1. Know Your Limit

If you’re not an amateur, you should have a threshold set i.e. you would know the number of drinks acceptable to your body whilst staying in control.

2. Know When To Stop

Knowing when to stop is one thing and stopping when the moment comes is a whole different ball game. Make sure you exercise your will power when it is needed the most. It is just like forcing yourself to go to gym day in day out even when you’re short on motivation.

Certain Things Come With Age

This is one rule that works in life no matter what. You can speed everything up, but age. The older you get; the better your immunity is which will make you more capable of handling alcohol at a respectable level.

Excess of Everything Is Bad

Another case of common sense, no matter the age or time, excess of everything can be lethal. Learn to pace yourself and never go overboard. Even though it might not seem like it in the moment, there’s always a tomorrow in store.

There’ A Reason Behind The Legal Age Limit

There’s a reason why the legal drinking age in our country is 25 years. Deserves some sort of respect now, doesn’t it? Maturity definitely helps both of the mind and of the body. And it is something which comes progressively, in time. There’s no quick fix for everything in life. Patience!

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