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One Drink may lead to a Dozen | Drink Responsibly
Binge Drinking

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Aug 2017

One Drink may lead to a Dozen

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The night never quite ends at one drink does it? Alcohol more often than not, takes over an individual without one shadow of a doubt. Just like a dripping chocolate brownie, you’re almost never done. Such is the grip of alcohol, the resistance of even the most stubborn individuals wears down sooner rather than later.

The Urge of Drinking

Since time immemorial, alcohol has taken millions under its wing. Night after night, day after day, it is one of the most addictive substances on the planet and there are many reasons why.

Be it the light headed after-feeling or the feeling of metaphorical immortality or the confidence that oozes out one’s body; the reasons are endless. Even if we like to admit or not, it leaves a captivating effect. Many have come and many have gone, alcohol remains in an unchartered territory.

Imagine what a few vials of liquor can do to you! Having said that, there’s nothing good about drinking alcohol; it comes with a myriad of risks attached, not only to the individuals who is drinking but to his surroundings as well.

Where Resistance Ends, Peer Pressure Takes Over

You heard it right! Even if you go into a party thinking you’ll limit yourself just because you have a working day the next day; the chances of you sticking to what you decided are next to none.

There’s a reason why everyone’s flocking to gym these days rather than working out in a park or at home. It’s a matter of lack of will power, which is the Achilles heel in many cases. Even if a person is resistant enough, peer pressure takes one down.

You’re at a dear friend’s birthday party and everyone’s dancing to some new tunes with a glass in their hands. A little tough to hold on to a soft drink, isn’t it? Often you’ll hear phrases like ‘just one drink’ or ‘take one in my name’ or ‘this is the last one, I promise’. All it takes is a single second of weakness and the trail begins. The point of no return is reached and voila! There you are maxed out in a washroom trying to puke it out just to get it out of your system.

Even though the line of being in control is thin, it takes massive resistance on an individual’s end not to breach it. A variety of parameters enter the fray here. The surroundings matter a lot. A casual get together near your place is far different from a bachelor’s party at a high-end pub. The reasons for drinking can be endless; but you have to hold on to your end valiantly.

How can you do that? Here are some ways by which you can ensure that one drink doesn’t lead to a dozen at the end of a session:

How To Effectively Limit Yourself

  • Don’t stay for too long: This is the best decision you can make. Clearly, the sooner you leave, the better it gets for you. If you plan on staying till the end, something or the other might trigger the urge which you might regret later on.
  • Stay near individuals who don’t drink at all: This will set the peer pressure right. If you can, stay in a group of completely sober individuals or friends who don’t drink at all.
  • Make a promise and keep it: Be it with yourself, your partner or your best friend, make a promise of not drinking that much and keep it. It will cost you some resistance; but it’ll all be worth it at the end.

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