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A Booze-Free life doesn’t mean a Snooze life- Learn from these Bollywood Celebrities! | Drink Responsibly
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Sep 2017

A Booze-Free life doesn’t mean a Snooze life- Learn from these Bollywood Celebrities!

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Glitz, glamour and indulgence in the finest of luxuries that money can buy, of course all this along with  prolific talent- that’s a sneak peak of ‘Bollywood’ for you. Very often we see actors consuming alcohol on screen, it’s quite rare though that they keep away from it off-screen. The booze culture has evolved quite a lot, both on screen and off-screen. In the race to remain at the top of the game amidst many controversies and the constant struggle to ‘remain clean’ in the public eye, there are few actors who have maintained the ‘clean’ image quite literally. Before you roll your eyes and let your imagination wander with your tongue wagging out, we mean ‘booze-free clean’ here, just FYI!

 Akshay Kumar

Now you can let your tongues wag and we won’t judge you if you drool too, if you know what we mean! This disciplined actor is by far one of the fittest celebrities we have in the Bollywood bandwagon. Couple it with brilliant acting skills and a teetotaler – what an inspiration! Some of his contemporaries have jokingly complained about his ‘disciplined’ life but the man remains unfazed by their opinions and continues to endorse embracing a healthy lifestyle which includes staying away from alcohol. Looking at him we wonder that you can age as amazingly as wine without actually having a drop of alcohol. He says that for him ‘staying away from alcohol has never been a sacrifice’.

 John Abraham

Drool some more for this one…we totally feel you!

The actor turned producer is pro-vegetarianism and has strong opinions against the use of tobacco and alcohol. With a super fit body and that smile to die for, this actor proves that you don’t need alcohol to up your hotness or coolness quotient. Intense fitness regime, sticking to a healthy-vegetarian diet AND staying away from alcohol-tobacco is far cooler!

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

This gorgeous lady with sculpted- hourglass figure to die for, stays away from alcohol. Fitness is a way of life for her and she endorses practicing yoga along with healthy eating… Ladies, are you reading this?

Anushka Sharma

Besides the obvious reason of ‘staying fit by following a healthy lifestyle minus alcohol’, this stunning powerhouse of talent confessed in an interview that people have spilled some of their well kept secrets under the influence of alcohol- So, there’s one more reason to stay away from it.

Amitabh Bachhan

One of the legendary actors of Hindi cinema, who at this age still experiments with roles and has evolved brilliantly in his craft. Amitabh Bachhan has many a times played the character of raging alcoholic so convincingly that it would come as a surprise to you to know that he abstains from alcohol consumption! Now think of all those songs and movie scenes which he performed almost as if he is one barrel down or even two perhaps!

Abhishek Bachhan

It would most likely be a cliché to drop ‘Like father like son’ here, but quite apt nevertheless. The actor has also refused meaty offers to endorse any liquor or tobacco based brands for a simple reason that being a teetotaler he wouldn’t promote something harmful to health as alcohol, something he himself doesn’t believe in. Principles – Impressive and inspiring!


This Bollywood actor is a role model for a healthy living. A complete fitness freak,he doesn’t consume alcohol and doesn’t smoke and he is particular about his vegetarian diet. SonuSood sets out a positive example for the masses that you don’t need to follow the mainstream herd and yet you can stand out.

Pareeniti Chopra, Sonakshi Sinha and Sonam Kapoor are some other celebrities who say no to alcohol and follow healthy lifestyle involving strict fitness regime, and look they’ve shed some extra kilos too by restraining from alcohol consumption!

In an industry which has the potential to inspire and influence the impressionable minds of the masses, it is quite a rarity to see such disciplined celebrities who promote a healthy and alcohol-free lifestyle.

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