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When you are imprisoned on the ‘inside’, you cannot find escape outside | Drink Responsibly
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Sep 2017

When you are imprisoned on the ‘inside’, you cannot find escape outside

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Alcohol is an escape from the drudgery of life- Or is it really? Does it magically make all problems big and small diminish or is it merely a stubborn denial to accept the woes of life as they are?

There is always an underlying psychological and/or emotional cause which leads to alcohol abuse. Causes ranging from stressful situations at work to challenging relationships, from deep rooted childhood issues or other traumatic emotional wounding, to name a few. Reasons to alcohol abuse may be many and may vary from one individual to another, yet the common thread which binds them remains the same- the need to escape. People try to find ‘escape’ owing to their inability to either solve difficult personal or professional situations or the complete refusal to confront the on-going or long forgotten traumatic events. What they do not realize is that in order to escape those inner demons, they land up at the doorstep of another poisonous devil- alcohol.

But the question is- can you really escape what you are running away from, whether they are relationship troubles or work related issues, or those emotional wounds which still haunt you, ‘without’ dealing with the issues? And if yes, then how far can you actually run away from the problems piggybacking on alcohol? The answer is –not too far and not for very long. Eventually you are going to stumble down on this addictive passage the hard way because the road to alcohol abuse only leads to a dead end.

Known as both- a depressant and a stimulant, what alcohol actually does to your brain is to slow down its functioning by affecting the central nervous system resulting in slurred speech, altered actions and thoughts. Initially it may provide you that ‘kick’ wherein you drop the inhibitions to ‘loosen up’ and feel ‘free’ when you socialize or it may give you that ‘Dutch courage’ to finally approach that love interest you couldn’t muster up the courage to talk to otherwise. In some situations you may feel that your problems have magically disappeared and life becomes good again as you guzzle down a drink or two whereas what alcohol actually does is only to suppress it temporarily. It doesn’t really provide you ‘freedom’ from your problems, in reality it only acts as bondage while you get hooked on to the self-destructive ‘buzz’.

It is essential to overcome the evil of alcohol dependency and have other alternatives to reduce stress before the scales tip over. The importance of realization and acceptance cannot be emphasized enough, it is ‘half the battle won’. The next brave and courageous step is to seek help, it is important to have a strong support system in your friends, family or AA support groups. Timely intervention is crucial here. Engage in recreational activities when you feel that stress creeping in, to calm you down. Talk to your friends and family to get that load off your chest- talking really helps. Write down those nagging troublesome thoughts, confront those deep emotional wounds and heal. Seek professional help- schedule that meeting with a therapist. Play with a pet –never underestimate the power of the furry beings, they are huge stress busters. Spend time in nature, meditate, take a break and go to the mountains or to the sea, if you please. Take charge of your life.

Alcohol as a means to ‘escape’ is like that devil which tempts you. It hampers your cognitive abilities, negatively impacts your relationships and can prove to be fatal for your physical health too. Without timely intervention it has the capacity to push you over the edge and take the reins of your life. It is that evil which isolates you and before you know it, it claws its way to gain complete control of your life – slowly and gradually. Would you want to be a mute bystander of your own life and let this poison deplete the joys of your life? Would you rather not summon the devil and deal with the problems head on as they arise and soak in all the blessings of this beautiful life?

This poison is never to be confused as that superhero which comes to your rescue, YOU are that hero of your life. There would be problems aplenty that may arise and your mind may get clouded to search for the answers to all those problems or you may feel the need to escape, but remember that alcohol is NEVER the answer. Break free from this self-destructive cycle and say no to alcohol abuse. Don’t let your problems and this poison squeeze out the joys from your life.  The key is to stop living in denial and recognize your own super power of ‘strong will’. Go, be that superhero of your wonderful life-story!

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