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Celebration without drinking alcohol – YES, it’s possible to survive by celebrating Life instead! | Drink Responsibly
Curbing Alcoholism

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Sep 2017

Celebration without drinking alcohol – YES, it’s possible to survive by celebrating Life instead!

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Does the very thought give you jitters by creating a heavy load of doubts in your mind? Or does it sound like a lame April Fools’ Day joke? Just don’t dismiss it or press the panic button…nope, not yet! It may be that you’ve been a part of various celebrations which centered around consuming alcohol, well why not challenge yourself and try a different route – celebrate Life instead? Celebrations do not necessarily have to be planned around drinking alcohol and they can be equally enjoyable too – sorry to burst your ‘happy’ bubble!

Celebratory events and alcohol consumption have become synonymous for many people. Just the way stressful or sad events make people want to ‘drown their sorrows’ or ‘gulp down those tears and that anger with alcohol’, happy events can also act as potential trigger which makes you feel the need to get even ‘happier with alcoholic buzz’.

For people already struggling with alcohol abuse, even happy occasions planned around alcohol consumption can pose as a looming threat against remaining sober. To refrain from falling in the trap of ‘only one drink’ may be daunting but it is not impossible, it only requires your ‘will’, well a very strong will! You could begin by avoiding attendance to parties and such events which are only about getting hammered.  It’s not always possible to live like a hermit, so if you doubt your will power of steering clear of alcohol and you absolutely must attend an event or a party, you could ask a trusted friend to tag along who could be a ‘sober company’ to you. Sometimes, refusing that one friendly drink with your boss or colleague may get tricky, but remember the price that you’d have to pay to ‘please’ someone. So ask yourself if it’s worth it. You could have some fun of your own – hold a glass of non-alcoholic beverage in your hand and let those peached pesters be fooled, a win-win for both!

Go shake a leg and that booty on the dance floor, sing and make merry, just don’t be tempted to have that ‘one sip’ of Bloody Mary! One more clever trick to remember is to have an ‘exit strategy’ handy when you find the temptation too much to handle.Do you realize that you can form deep human bonds without using the ladder of intoxication as you can connect with people in a more real sense?  You can give the rightly deserved attention to the conversations and people as you interact during celebrations and social events SOBER.

You can navigate your way through to an alcohol-free life if you choose to do so. No matter how you do it, promise yourself that you wouldn’t buckle under the peer pressure, stand your ground because ‘no means no’, right? Remember to keep that promise. Initially you may feel the hiccups as it may not appear to be very gratifying, but in the long run you’ll find it to be very liberating. Things do not change overnight so have some patience.

Why drink alcohol when you can get high on life? Think.

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