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Let’s Burn the Evil this Dussehra, say NO to binge-drinking! | Drink Responsibly
Binge Drinking

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Sep 2017

Let’s Burn the Evil this Dussehra, say NO to binge-drinking!

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Dussehra is a festival which symbolizes the victory of good over evil. Alcohol abuse is one such evil which prevails in our society which has effectively ruined the lives of many and still continues to be in charge of many. We see a dramatic rise in alcohol abuse during the festive period of Dusshera and Diwali.

Over the years there has been a gradual shift in terms of how we celebrate our festivals. This festive period has now become synonymous with card parties and alcohol. Whatever happened to the simpler times when revelries revolved around food-sweets, more sweets, friends and family!

We know better that people who abuse alcohol as a substance only need an excuse to drink more, be it any occasion or just another regular day, there is always a reason to grab that drink. Binge drinking on this day is a serious problem than we are willing to acknowledge. Here’s a step by step guide to help you enjoy this Dussehra without blaming it on that bottle of alcohol for your binge-drinking. We give you a golden key to nip it in the bud and avoid binge drinking – find other ways to celebrate this festival, the simplest tool ever discovered!Why waste your money and time in getting drunk only to wake up next morning with a bad hangover? Invest that time in your family and friends instead- remember things that money can’t buy?

However, if you must go out to socialize, be armoured with all precautionary tools to avoid binge drinking. Avoid drinking altogether or attending celebratory events involving alcohol consumption where you know that alcohol is bound to flow in abundance. ‘Charity begins at home’, remember to keep your stomach full and eat before stepping out to attend celebratory event involving alcohol consumption.

And as the story goes, it always begins with that one drink and before you know it, you’ve lost count of the number of drinks that you’ve actually gulped down.Drink if you absolutely have to and you cannot OR you do not want to refrain from drinking. ‘Moderation’ is the word you’re looking for here. Remember how were told as kids that ‘excess of everything is bad’, well it totally applies to this scenario. Be well aware of your limits and stop before itbecomes a drink too many. It is the easiest to get carried away with the ‘buzz’ of drunken revelries.

You must remember to do yourself a huge favour- refrain from indulging in ‘drinking’ games. Displaying the competitive spirit being high on spirits is NOT the wisest idea you could come up with. Keep that nagging urge to binge-drink under check by eating in between your drinks and hydrate yourself frequently by drinking water. Do not mix your drinks. Also, it is a clever idea to request that one ‘sober’ friend to tag along who could keep a tab or two on you, lest you end up binge drinking your way to the beer barrel.

In case this action plan fails and you do get drunk, this time do Humanity a favour- DO NOT DRIVE DRUNK! Here goes a thumb rule you must always abide by- If you are old enough to drink, you most definitely are old enough to be RESPONSIBLE for your drinks.

So as we burn the effigies of mythological evil on this day, let’s pledge to banish yet another evil that has held us captive for far too long. Let us pledge to be responsible and say NO to binge-drinking this Dussehra.

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