Binge Drinking

Simply put, binge drinking refers to drinking more than double the lower risk guidelines for alcohol in one session. Binge drinking or heavy episodic drinking is a modern epithet for drinking alcoholic beverages with the primary intention of becoming

Top Excuses to Drink Moderately at a Party

Live In Moderation they say

Drinking in moderation or ‘low-risk drinking’ as defined by WHO means alcohol consumption of not more than 14 drinks per week for men and not more than 7 drinks for women. This definition refers to the amount of alcoholic beverages consumed on any single day and not as an average over several days.

Besides many health benefits, drinking in moderation has its pros. It could save you that nasty hangover the morning after, it saves you from embarrassing flashbacks of drunken mayhem, you get even more points for ‘No Drunken Driving’, to name a few.

It gets tricky to get out of a situation when you want to stick to drinking in moderation while others at the social gathering, drink up thoserounds of tequila shots. With the party season in full swing and everyone making merry, it is even trickier to hold your ground and still fit in. But fret not, we suggest some ways to make your life easier.

 Honesty IS the best policy

Pretty self-explanatory but we’d save you the trouble anyway. You could be honest about the whole deal, be upfront in telling your friends or colleagues that you’re a teetotaller or you want to go easy this evening. If they understand and respect your decision, great. If they don’t, you’ve got some work to do here.

Listen, What’s your number?

Hold your horses, we mean your safe drinks-count. Zero-One-Two- We suggest you these three as a safe bet. Pick your number and stick to it and please feel proud for scoring a perfect zero here! Also, be aware of the drink size which is being served, very often the serving size is larger than the recommended size. Remember, never tell your secret number.

Slower than a Snail

Don’t be in a rush to finish those two drinks you decided on. Go easy and work at a snail’s pace on them as people are more likely to offer you a refill if you hold an empty glass. Also, instead of that cocktail, go for softails, your bombed friends are less likely to know the difference.

Liar- Liar, Pants on Fire!

Get creative and lie your precious derriere off! We do believe that honesty is indeed the best policy, however as good Samaritans we do have some tips to let your creative bug go abuzz as you stay away from that extra glass of alcohol. Bring that story teller in you to the surface! You could say that you are allergic to alcohol (please don’t say allergic ‘to’ people), poker face or ‘just about to throw up face’ you decide. Bring out the hidden actor in you to the fore here. This is also where an army of your imaginary friends could come to the rescue- you could politely excuse yourself as your ‘childhood friend Jerry is getting engaged to sweet and gorgeous Jenny’, you could also narrate their sweet-love story to the nosey ones. Your other imaginary friend could also be delivering a baby. If remaining sober is your game, you could cite religious reasons too, nobody messes with Gods you see!

 Baby, Burn that dance floor!

Cliché, you may complain but it always works as a perfect excuse! So, you could still be in character of a drunken masterpiece here or be at your sober best , as you please. You could torment or entertain people with the crazy or the awesome dance moves as the case may be. We won’t judge you and neither would your drunken friends, baby dance like no one’s watching.

 Avoid alcoholic bullies -Child’s play, anyone?

No playtime with Chucky…Remember how much fun you had as a kid playing hide and seek? You could have some fun as you try a stunt or two with the alcoholic bullies. The bullies who don’t take no for an answer and push you to have “only one more drink” because ‘they love you so much’. You may find it to be a strange maze to navigate your way through, especially when they’re buzzing around in their alcoholic daze, pestering  people to drink ‘some more’. You could also pretend to ‘hear voices’- somebody calling you at a distance and EXCUSE yourself. It’s fun to be silly sometimes, no? This advice comes with a disclaimer though. It would only work at large gatherings. Imagine what fun can you possibly derive if there were only five people under the roof!  Also, try it if you must, just for fun but you mustn’t risk ever trying it on your boss. No, never!

Remember, you should always plan your escape route beforehand, set an alarm or have an alibi as you plan to slip away. And please oh please, do not turn into a preachy parrot or a party pooper for others who’re enjoying their drinks. Boom! Now that you are ‘moderately’ prepped, put on those ‘smarty pants’ and head out to that party, if you know what we mean.

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