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Nov 2017

Alcohol and a Glassful of Myths

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Let’s pull the curtain and clear that alcoholic daze a little more- we’ve now donned the hat of a myth buster and have adorned this role quite seriously. The number of myths from across the world can collectively and selectively create a folklore of its own. However, from the many myths surrounding consumption of alcohol, we get you a handful of the most common ones.

Alcohol keeps you warm in winters

A very comfortable myth for the ones who love to get all warmed up over somedrinks in winters. With the onset of winters, it is pertinent to break this warm and fuzzy bubble for you.What alcohol does is, that it dilates the blood vessels and you temporarily feel warm as the blood gushes right under your skin. In actuality, alcohol lowers down your core body temperature. It does not keep you warm for long during winters and it most definitely can’t prevent hypothermia from setting in.

They say- ‘Beer before liquor, never been sicker; liquor before beer, you’re in the clear’

No and no – to both! Let’s sum it up here in fewer words that it does not matter which alcoholic beverage you prefer to have first, what matters is the amount of alcohol content that your drink holds.As the common sense goes, we must mention here that mixing your drinks can definitely make your tummy sicker!

 More alcohol means better action in bed

Well, what to say about this one without breaking your heart, your performance under the sheets depends on various other factors and not alcohol. Ever heard of ‘Dutch courage’, yeah it’s simply that! For the uniformed ones, alcohol only gives you a false sense of confidence besides impairing your judgement.It doesn’t matter whether you sip a glass or two of alcohol or even if you guzzle down a barrel, for a better action in bed you might as well learn a new trick or two. Period.

Mixing fruit juices with alcohol reduces the effects of alcohol

It’s a no brainer here, neither fruit juices nor energy drinks can dilute the effects of alcohol. It may alter your taste buds and make you hold your drink for longer but the alcohol content of your drink remains unchanged and so does the hangover effect if you drink like there’s no tomorrow.As you ‘drink’, so shall you reap!

Eating before meal can prevent you from getting drunk

Even though drinking alcoholic beverages on an empty stomach is a very bad idea, eating heavy meals before drinks does not guarantee that one wouldn’t get drunk. Our body absorbs alcohol through small intestine and stomach lining, so if you’ve had your meal before grabbing that drink, it’ll take longer for you to get into that buzz. Eating food beforehand can slow down the process but it can’t stop it altogether.

 Drinking coffee can prevent you from getting drunk

Simply put, coffee is nothing but a trickster here.Neither does it dilute the alcohol content from your body nor does it cure a hangover. What may come to your rescue here is gallons of water, well not quite literally so. Give yourself time and a good amount of water to feel better as it will keep you hydrated.

Check out this space to find out more as we break that glassful of myths for you!

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