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Nov 2017

‘A’ for Alcohol, ‘A’ for Avoid!

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Alcohol as an intoxicating substance not only impedes your sense of judgement, it also leads to various physical, psychological and social complications. We bring you a short list of things which you absolutely must avoid combining with alcohol.

Antibiotic Medicines and Alcohol

It is advisable not to consume alcohol if you are under medication. Many antibiotics come with a warning about the side effects of the medicine. The reactive symptoms may result in shortness of breath, skin allergies, headaches, chest pains, nausea and vomiting to name a few. Consuming alcohol may worsen the side effects. Medication and alcohol must not be mixed callously as it can lead to severe health problems. In some extreme cases it can also turn fatal.

Drunk Driving

It cannot be emphasized more, it is an absolute NO. You mustn’t risk your life or put that of others in danger by driving under the influence of alcohol. No matter how confident a driver you are or how sober you think you may be, never try this.

Overconfidence can unfortunately turn fatal in this scenario. Hail a cab, ask a sober friend to drop you home, or crash at that friend’s place you partied with. We don’t want you risking your life over an irrational decision.

Foods To Avoid

Let’s move ahead to discuss how alcohol and food pairing affects you. Going on alcohol spree increases the tendency to binge eat, however there are few vital points one should be mindful of while drinking and eating.

  • – Consumption of alcohol in excess can lead to dehydration. Even though you may crave to opt for salty foods, it is advisable to curb that craving. Salty foods tend to further add to dehydration.
  • – Sugar rush doesn’t make things easier if you crave for those sinfully sweet chocolates or brownies to finish off your drink with. We suggest that you curb that urge as it is likely to leave you dehydrated even more.
  • – Consuming dairy products with alcohol is likely to give you that heartburn and indigestion because they are difficult to digest.
  • – Many people experience reflux and severe acidity after consuming alcohol and spicy-greasy food tend to aggravate the condition even more.


  • – Avoid cross-fading to cut out chances of getting trapped in greening-out effect. Cross fading is a commonly used term which means mixing marijuana and alcohol together. Usage of these two together leads to side effect known as ‘greening out’.
  • – The ‘greening out’ effect is likely to make one feel sweaty, dizzy and nauseous followed by an urgent need to lie down. Rolling that much prized joint after getting drunk may give you a unique high temporarily but it would also leave you feeling uniquely blasted. You wouldn’t want to feel that way, now would you? Besides, it may even turn out to be fatal.
  • – Alcohol is a depressant, it affects the central nervous system by slowing it down. Marijuana slows down your body functions and alcohol blood level leads to faster absorption of THC compound. The concurrent usage of alcohol and marijuana can have severe and fatal results.

Drugs and other Psychosomatic Substances

Alcohol as a depressant combined with drugs such as cocaine or heroin is like waiting for a disaster to occur.

The stimulant in cocaine makes your mind more alert whereas the depressant in alcohol tries to slow it down, it severely affects your brain by pushing it into an overdrive.

Again, the depressant in heroin combined with the depressant in alcohol is bound to slow your mind even further. It is never a wise idea to mix drugs with alcohol.

Drunk Dialing

  • – Consumption of alcohol leads to an impaired judgement. Besides adversely affecting your physical health, it also leads to many socially embarrassing situations. Riding high on alcohol, one such common mistake many people have ended up committing is drunk dialing.
  • – There are many embarrassingly epic situations a lot of us have willfully landed up in because we were too hammered to think straight. Embarrassing situations such as drunk dialing an ex or your boss or someone who you aren’t particularly fond of, the list is quite long.
  • – The repercussions and recollection of such acts may land you in muddy waters of embarrassment the following day. Also, wallowing in regret doesn’t offer much help either, does it?

Caution is the keyword to watch out for while consuming alcohol. We leave you with your better judgement.

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