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Dec 2017

Count Your Many Calories

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Have you ever wondered the amount of calories you’re welcoming as you gulp down that fifth shot right around midnight? Well, its more common than you think. But then we never get around to actually looking for the answers, do we?

Contrary to popular belief, its not just the food or the taste-changers we eat while drinking that give us the belly-guilt. Getting right to the point; let’s look at a wide array of popular alcoholic drinks and dissect their calorie counts.

*We’re dealing with standard volumes i.e. a glass of champagne and wine, a can of beer and a shot of all others.


Why did we start with champagnes when almost every party ends with one? Because we love irony that’s why.

A standard glass of champagne contains 96 CAL, which should bring good news to all such partyholics out there.


Here’s one which which will grab the most attention given its popularity. We’ve often heard that non-coloured drinks or spirits have the least amount of calories when compared with other kids of alcohol on the market. This is where vodka and gin enter the fray.

A standard shot of vodka/gin contains 96 CAL. Just that! Remember this next time when you refuse to take a shot with somebody whilst settling for the next whiskey-coke peg.


Giving some much needed warmth to your body isn’t the only reason why we love rum; especially come winter season.

With an impressive calorie count of 97 per shot, rum with water should be on the top of your priority list right from November to February at least. Why water? Even though rum with coke is clichéd, it is a very high-on-calorie option because of the latter.


Another recommended option is the tequila. Agreed it’s a very occasional option come birthdays or graduation parties, but a calorie count of 104 might change your mind.

Also, its alcohol content per shot is relatively higher than most of the other options readily available. However, do proceed with caution as it tends to hit instantly after a while.

Whiskey & Scotch:

Just like vodka and gin, whiskey and scotch follow the same numbers. With calorie counts of 105 per serving, they’re not too far behind.

Where things go wrong however, is when mixers like coke, red bull or juices are picked. This just takes the calorie count to a whole new level. Not only does the buzz come later, it just dampens the overall taste and gives you carbs that you don’t need.


Be it red or white wine, the calorie count ranges between 120-125. The sad thing for wine lovers is the fact that wine-drinking doesn’t involve any mixers.

There’s no option but to drink it neat and it doesn’t hit quickly either. So, if you’re 6-7 glasses down, you can imagine the plight. It truly doesn’t make for good reading. An interesting fact is that white wine on average is carb-lighter than its red counterpart.


And last but not the least; here’s the most loved drink internationally – Beer! The calorie count does suggest otherwise though; but I guess the taste is just too enticing.

1 can of beer has about 145 CAL which makes for a pretty high number. What’s worse is its alcohol content; you have to drink more if you want to feel something substantial.

How to handle these calories?

  1. Always go with water as a mixer hands down.
  2. Avoid fizzy cold and sugary drinks.
  3. Better to eat a decent meal at home rather than hogging on starters and tasters whilst drinking.
  4. Don’t just sleep right after you eat.
  5. Limit the amount of alcohol you intake. Don’t go overboard.

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