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Alternatives to Valentines Drinking for Couples | Drink Responsibly

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Feb 2017

Alternatives to Valentines Drinking for Couples

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Valentine’s Weekend is around the corner. How about you and your partner get to know each other a little better this season? Well, without any highs in the head of course!

How about a special picnic date in indoors? Both Cooking a meal together

Couples usually need therapy, the kind that comes out of creating something together. Who doesn’t love food, right? Gone are those expectations of how the man cooks a surprise meal, or the lady makes dishes. It is 2017! Relationship expectations are changing. Maybe the two of you could hit the store, shop together and cook something up for a special candlelight dinner together. No fancy restaurants…set up a table! Just the both of you out on the balcony.

Watch a crazy marathon of all the Star Wars movies or any action films. No Romantic-comedies.Period!

Even if you are not a die-hard romantic, During Valentine’s everyone just expects you to be. How about, as a couple, you both break the stereotypes? Movies are a great way to unwind and transport yourselves into a parallel universe of sorts. Get a large bucket of popcorn, fried chicken and much fries. Grab Few movies you both would love to watch. Press play! You could share your collection with each other. That unseeingly will prove to be a way of getting to know a whole different side your partner.

Go on an entirely unplanned road trip

So, we all know that planned holidays just don’t seem to find the light of the day! But there is something about just taking off without thinking twice. The spontaneity might take you both on an adventure never experienced before. Driving to a Mountain Getaway and spend the weekend curled up in a cabin or find the ocean and do skinny dipping together. You can explore a whole new city hand in hand. Once on the road, the possibilities are endless!

Volunteer in a nursing home or an individual special children’s school

There is no better way to share, celebrate and make love, then to just give it away. A memory you both will cherish for years to come on every Valentines, it will create a lasting impression. How often do we share our joys with complete strangers yet these thoroughly loving people, even if at the prime of their years? Older adults are much like children and would be happy that you chose to spend time with them. Kids, on the other hand, will keep you on your toes and bring a whole different shine to the day. Take some chocolates, cakes, gifts and much love for them.

Run through a day of Hobby classes – Dance, music or art!

There is so much learning couples can do together. Well, maybe you can chalk up a day full of taking various classes starting maybe with Yoga to mixed martial arts, Salsa or another couple dance, learn some pottery or painting. You can also club the home picnic and take lessons on YouTube, so you don’t find anyone judging. Guitar lessons online can prove to be quite romantic if you both are equally wrong!

Sports, Adventure, outdoor camping or Hiking

If either of you has the penchant for testing your adrenaline rush, go for a sporting option. Say playing football or tennis. Compete against each other; the passion for winning over each other does ignite major attraction. Pack up your haversack, sleeping and tent, go in for an outdoor camping trip at a near forest clearing. Hiking is a splendid idea to add to it. Well, valentines away from everyone else is just about perfect!

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