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Couples helping each other Cope with Drinking | Drink Responsibly
Curbing Alcoholism

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Feb 2017

Couples helping each other Cope with Drinking

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Happy couples do things together. If not, they support their partners in their choices and are there with them through thick and thin. Drinking can get addictive and out of hands at times. This is a time when people becomes detached and sometimes even go into depression. However, things can be easier when you have a loving partner by your side. It is not easy for the other partner as well because living with an alcoholic can be a rather stressful process. At one level, relating to your partner might become a problem in itself as you would be reminded of all things your partner could be doing instead of immersing himself/herself in alcohol. But with love come acceptance and a sense of empathy. And you need to hold on to these qualities tight during the tough time.

There is no one way to tackle such a difficult situation but one has to start somewhere. Here is what couples can do to help each other cope with drinking:

1. Acceptance: They say accepting a situation is the first step to put it right. You need to come to terms with the fact that your partner is an alcoholic or has taken to the problem. You need to analyse all the signs that give you this feeling. The moment your partner turns from a social drinker to a habitual drinker and finally to an addict. Keeping an eye out on the changes would help you cope with the problem.

2. Think about the underlying cause: There has to be a reason for the sudden alcoholism as it can’t simply emerge out of nowhere. It could be a tough work situation, dipping sales, loss in business, job issues or something really personal. Depression is said to be a major cause of people taking to alcohol. And there is sometimes no palpable reason for it. Your partner might seem to have a fulfilled life but deep within there might be a vacuum that could be causing stress and anxiety. Your role as a partner is to understand the cause and not be judgmental or rude about it. Sometimes, you have to devise non-conventional rules to handle the situation. Being too haughty about the situation might turn it for the worst. You wouldn’t want that.

3. Seek help: Sometimes you cannot handle everything by yourself. It is necessary to seek professional help for your partner. However, it must be done with the utmost sensitivity. In addition, options such as rehab centres are not a bad option. In fact, they are said to be beneficial. You need to let go off all the taboos and take on the situation in a forth-right manner.

4. Make them feel loved: The natural response to alcoholism is aggression. Sometimes, the other partner may take time to come to terms with it and respond with anger. Instead, talk to your spouse and make them feel loved and desired. This could help them deal with it better and come out of the addiction.

5. Always make room for other things: Life is too beautiful and to come out of one addiction, there has to be another. Sounds weird? But it works. Your aim should be to indulge your partner in other activities. Slowly you will see the results. When they see how loved they are, they are bound to change. Don’t give up on hope.

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