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How Fast can Alcohol Age You? | Drink Responsibly

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Apr 2017

How Fast can Alcohol Age You?

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Drinking alcohol hinders the production of vasopressin hormone which is an anti diuretic hormone, and in turn makes your kidney function twice as hard to remove excess water from one’s system and organs leaving them dehydrated. Alcohol consumption makes one want to urinate more frequently which robs your body of fluids. People tend to feel parched after consumption of alcohol although they are hardly aware of the fact that due to alcohol consumption the skin which is the largest organ is left dry from inside. Inadequate internal hydration due to alcohol causes wrinkles to appear earlier than normal, cause’s fine lines and hair becomes dry and brittle. More than appearing older Alcohol disrupts the nutrient levels in your body. Vitamin A plays a significant role in the production of collagen that prevents aging is reduced in one’s system due to excessive alcohol consumption.

When measures of collagen reduce in your body, you lose malleability of your skin. Collagen and malleability are what keeps your skin supple, tight and looking youthful. By drinking alcohol in abundance, you really accelerate the maturing procedure since you are already losing collagen and flexibility as you age. At present the facial skin is already so sensitive when compared to other areas of the body. We are continually exposed to the sun, pollution, smoke etc. The more you drink the quicker one ages.  Alcohol consumption also causes Zinc deficiency which leads to the loss of hair.

Liquor is famous for making your face seem red. This skin disease is called Rosasea. Liquor goes about as a vasodilator, broadening blood vessels, which is the reason behind the redness. While this redness (and once in a while puffiness) will reduce as one stop drinking, but perpetual red, spidery veins can show up all over, mostly your face around the apples of your cheeks, because of the over-consumption of liquor. As though lines and wrinkles aren’t sufficient, this is simply one more obvious hindrance to maturing well.

Alcohol causes bloating which automatically makes one look older than his real age. Alcohol doesn’t simply give a “beer belly” and stay restricted to the stomach area; it tends to bloat up one’s face as well. Due to the lack of fluids and electrolytes in one’s body cause of heavy drinking, the body tends to store water which in turn causes the tissues to swell, this causes the bloating appearance.

Excessive drinking can also be a reason for blindness which is called alcoholic optic neuritis. Alcohol robs the body of basic nutrients which impairs eyesight and overtime it results to blindness.

Alcohol as we all know isn’t just detrimental to the appearance of a person. According to a study published in August 2010 in the journal, “Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research,” it showed that the mortality rate of alcoholics varies between the ages of 55 and 65.

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