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How to Fulfil Your New Year’s drinking Resolution? | Drink Responsibly

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Jan 2017

How to Fulfil Your New Year’s drinking Resolution?

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It’s a New Year. 2017.

And all said and done, resolutions are a must every new year. But this time you’ve taken up a challenge that might just be a little too much for you. You’ve committed to a New Year’s drinking resolution, and just a few days into the new year, you’ve realised that it might just turn out to be a little too much for you.
Whatever the reason might be, whether you don’t have that amount of confidence in yourself or you are just vulnerable to peer pressure, we might just help you stay strong on your resolution.

First of all, lets discuss what kind of New Year’s drinking resolution you’ve decided to commit to. For most obvious reasons, we are going to assume that you’ve made a resolution to drink less this year. On the other hand, in case you’ve actually decided to commit to drinking more this year, then well, good for you.

But coming back to drinking less in 2017.
It is obviously going to be a challenge, specially if you are a frequent sight at bars and clubs, or love spending more than the occasional night out along with friends, or even if you prefer quiet nice drinks at home.

Money Money Money!

Drinking less is not only going to be good for your overall health, but it is also going to be incredibly beneficial for your pocket. Because, lets just face it, alcohol is expensive and cheap alcohol just does not taste that good. And there you have it, the first trick to help you keep up on your resolution this year. Drink less and save lots of money which you can then use to buy nice things for yourself, go on vacations, etc. And trust me, if you actually count the money that you might have already spent up on alcohol, you’re going to be in for a surprise.

Con It Out

The second way is a little bit tricky. You’ve decided that you’re not going to be drinking a lot this year, but you can’t just out and out give up on your social circle. You’ve got to make it to social gatherings, and you’ve got to mingle. So how do you keep on track on your resolution while you are at social gatherings, specially with ones with an open bar?
The answer again, is incredibly simple. Just take beer bottle and empty it out. In a glass of course, then hand it to a friend. And fill the empty beer bottle with your favourite soft drink or mock-tail. The key is to take small light sips from the bottle throughout the party, and make sure you have the bottle on yourself at all times so that no one asks you for another drink. And if you do run out of juice in your bottle, yes you can actually fill it up with juice, just go for a refill. Just make sure nobody has got their eye on you.

Go On A Spree

The third way, is to announce that you’re on a no drinking spree. Chances are that your friends might just end up serving you a lot more alcohol. But there are many more chances that they might actually support you, since it is after all a very good and healthy lifestyle choice.

So go on, all it takes it confidence in yourself, and just a little effort.

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