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Raising awareness among students about the adverse effects of drinking | Drink Responsibly
Underage Drinking

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Oct 2017

Raising awareness among students about the adverse effects of drinking

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Alcohol abuse is on the rise across all ages globally. It has the potential to manifest problems aplenty by adversely affecting physical, mental and emotional wellbeing of individuals. The younger generation is more susceptible to falling prey to this ever increasing alcohol-culture.

How alcohol can adversely affect the lives of those afflicted by its addiction is a grave issue. It needs to be addressed and taught to the youngsters who are more prone to experiment and likely to abuse it as substance, without knowing the degree of the damage it can cause.

“The only thing that is constant is change”, said the Greek philosopher Heraclitus and we couldn’t agree more.We live in the times where social media posts spread like wildfire, they influence the young and the old alike. We cannot deny the power of social media to set trends –both, positive and negative. Being on various social media platforms is essentially the‘in-thing’and the pressure to keep up with the ‘happening party or alcohol culture’ willfully tags along. To say, that the increased exposure to social media and the rise of pub-culture is directly proportional to increased alcohol consumption wouldn’t be fair. However, the overbearing struggle to create a ‘cool image’ and the peer pressure impacts the impressionable minds of the young and the restless.We need to sensitize our approach towards the fragile and highly impressionable minds which are already high on hormonal kick.Keeping up with the changing times, short films and social media as a tool can be utilized to promote awareness about alcohol addiction and its vices besides many other social causes.

Along with sex education, adequate measures should be taken to initiate programs in schools and colleges for the youngsters to raise awareness about harmful effects of alcohol and other substance abuse. Effective and timely measures can prevent early addiction and dependency on alcohol. It begins with harmless intention of experimentation but it can potentially turn out to be an experiment gone horribly wrong.

As it goes,parents are the first teachers and home is the first school where a child learns about behavioural patterns and inculcates those as habits.Hence, the responsibility also lies with the parents to avoid drinking when their kids are around. This conscious step in turn preventsindirectly exposing the kids to alcohol. A point worth remembering for both, parents and teachers is the need to keep the communication channel with kids-students open. In other words, they should be easily approachable to youngsters for any advice and assistance needed without the fear of being reprimanded.

With increased awareness, the youngsters are less likely to fall prey to the vices of alcohol addiction at a tender age. To have a fragile sapling grow into a healthy plant or a tree, we need to nurture it wholeheartedly. It thus becomes a collective responsibility of the society.Taking these carefully measured baby steps leads to a brighter future for these young minds.

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